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Zitac Srl Unipersonale is a single-member limited company, founded in 2008 by the Giambarini family, who have over 60 years’ experience in the industry.

Zitac specialises in centrifuge hot-dip galvanizing of small precision metal parts and other metal parts, which ultimately require a clean thread or surfaces to guarantee secure coupling.

Materials are placed in a centrifuge after being extracted from the zinc bath, in order to remove any excess zinc. This gives the coating a smoother and more regular finish, which in turn aids the coupling of threaded components.

Some examples of components that benefit from this procedure are: screws, washers, nuts, tie rods, nails, various types of mounting brackets, hydraulic fittings, petrochemical fittings, irrigation fittings, flanges, chains, couplings and clamps.

Zitac’s goal is to satisfy customers who are looking for superior quality products and services, by offering specialist solutions for a constantly changing market. With new European and international legislation calling for increasingly higher quality standards, Zitac is committed to offering a service that ensures these standards are upheld.

The secret to Zitac‘s success lies in its staff members, who are highly skilled at interpreting their customers’ needs, and then delivering tailor-made production solutions.

The company is located in the Italian municipality of Calcinate, in the province of Bergamo. Its premises cover approximately 7000 m2, of which 3000 m2 are covered, and are just two minutes from the Casello di Seriate exit on the A4 Turin–Trieste motorway. The facility’s size allows the company to handle orders, large or small, from Italy or abroad.

Giambarini Group:
The future of tradition

Zitac is part of a recently established group, which draws on the business synergy of six companies with shared values and long-standing experience. The group, which was founded as a result of the Giambarini family’s constant drive for innovation, strives to offer increasingly integrated and cutting-edge services.

Via Comonte, 6
24068 Seriate (BG)

Strada Valle Torta, 6
10020 Cambiano (TO)

Via G. Carducci, 13
24050 Cortenuova (BG)
Via Monte Misma, 27
24050 Calcinate (BG)
Via Monte Misma, 25
24050 Calcinate (BG)

Via Rosmini, 19/21
20021 Baranzate (MI)